Personality Dimensions® (PD)

Personality Dimensions

Personality Dimensions® is a dynamic system that is a culmination of the research and validation work that has been done in Canada since 2003, to support temperament theory and to provide an easily understood methodology for building self-awareness, self-esteem and effective communication strategies.

Personality Dimensions® is based on leading-edge research into human motivation and behaviour, and helps to explain what motivates behaviour in people with different personalities or temperaments. This interactive human relations and communications process enhances the basic values of self-esteem, dignity and self-worth.

What is Personality Dimensions®?

Personality Dimensions® represents the next level of evolution in presenting temperament or personality theory. The primary author, Lynda McKim, builds on the foundations established by the work of David Keirsey, Linda Berens, et al, and a history of temperament theories that spans 25 centuries.

Drawing on the results of current validation studies that included participants from across Canada, and years of observation of interpersonal preferences demonstrated in workshop settings, Personality Dimensions® fosters increased self-knowledge through a facilitated self-discovery model that will make a lasting positive impact.

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How does it work?

Personality Dimensions® emphasizes the self-discovery process. It uses the highly effective, time-honoured learning technique of manipulating cards to engage the participant and reinforce learning by having them choose the temperament or personality that is most like them from the four temperament-based, colour-coded Picture Cards. The four temperaments on the Picture Cards are represented by a unique marriage of internationally accepted, non-offensive, high-impact colours and specially selected, easily recognized symbols.

These personal selections are then reinforced by selecting Dimension Cards that are most representative of the individual in some or all of the following areas, depending on the type of program being facilitated: Life Values, In Communication, At Work, and In Relationships.

The instrument further explores personal temperament preferences by having participants complete a Traits & Characteristics survey, in which they explore their personal values, traits, strengths, characteristics and behaviours. Finally, borrowing an aspect of personality type theory, participants take a short quiz to reveal their preferences for introversion or extroversion. Personality Dimensions® is the first temperament tool to utilize the introversion and extroversion component, allowing for deeper understanding of one’s preferences.

Each participant in a Personality Dimensions® workshop will receive a copy of the PD In Action take-home booklet. This handy booklet includes brief descriptions of introversion and extroversion, as well as descriptions of: core needs, characteristics, strengths, skills, weaknesses, likes, and various other areas for each of the four temperaments.

Become a Certified Trainer

In order to use Personality Dimensions®, individuals must first attend a training program to become a Certified Personality Dimensions® Trainer. Since being published in 2003, over 250,000 people worldwide have experienced a Personality Dimensions® workshop. The Certified Trainer (level I) Qualifying Program is an opportunity for facilitators to add a new dimension to their facilitator toolkit.

Personality Dimensions® Level 1 Qualified Facilitator

In this three day course you will experience and learn how to deliver Personality Dimensions® workshops for diverse groups and topics. You will learn about the historical and practical developments in temperament, as well as the importance of each component of a Personality Dimensions® workshop and the ethical considerations for using the model appropriately. Experiencing both classroom and hands-on, interactive learning you will: participate in activities typically used in a workshop; learn practical skills and knowledge of adult learning for facilitators; create and customize your own Personality Dimensions® introductory workshop; and learn about the various Personality Dimensions products available, and their appropriate uses.

Participants must successfully complete an open book exam on the third day in order to gain Qualified Facilitator status, and should anticipate some homework on the evening of the first and second day of the program. Qualified Facilitators may: purchase training and related materials from Career/LifeSkills Resources or an authorized Personality Dimensions® distributor; promote themselves as Qualified Facilitators (level I) both inside and outside their organization; organize and conduct Introductory and Applications sessions; charge for their services; provide statistical data on participants to assist in updating statistical profiles.

Register for current level one training training:

To book a level one or level two training session for your site,
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