Career & Resource Solutions

Through the Career and Resource Solutions pillar ONESTEP strives to identify and/or develop resources, tools and training opportunities that support the skill enhancement of front-line workers in the sector.

This section of our website has been designed to provide frontline workers with access to these types of resources.

Training currently offered by ONESTEP includes and the Ethics training note: this training meets the course requirements for certification by the Career Development Certification Board of Ontario, Career Development Theory note:this training meets the course requirements for certification by the Career Development Board of Ontario, Future Work 2.0 the new ONESTEP Labour Market Information tool, Common Assessment Process (CAP) certification, Career and Employment Information Specialist (CEIS) certificate training, Minds @ Work: Taking Clients from Stress to Success, and Personality Dimensions® Level I.  See the training events currently scheduled via this link

Other professional development opportunities identified within the site will include listings of various conferences, workshops and training opportunities within the career development sector.

The Assessment tools section lists a variety of assessment tools divided into sections including interests, personality, values and aptitude, as well as where you can purchase these tools.

The resources section of our site includes listings of potential suppliers of print, video and online resources.


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