Since 1987 ONESTEP has been providing support, advocacy and capacity building to non-profit community-based trainers. ONESTEP promotes community-based training as a critical and effective part of the education and training sector, and works to make it even stronger. We advocate and consult with government on issues that concern our members, ensuring that their voices are heard.

Our membership is comprised from four Ontario regions: Northern, Eastern, Central and Western.

As a member you will receive:

  • Information mailings including policy analysis, new programming directions and funding sources
  • Involvement in the regional network, including participation in regional meetings
  • Discounts at professional development events
  • Discounted VIA Rail fares
  • Access to regional/local professional development activities
  • Our monthly bulletin, ONESTEP Forward Online
  • Our Forward Frontline e-news bulletins
  • Voting privileges within the organization (Full members only)
  • Corporate Employer Connectivity
  • Participation in the Annual General Meeting (Full members only)
  • Eligibility to receive the Annual Leadership Award presented at the AGM which recognizes a leader, the Executive Director, of one of our member organizations
  • Eligibility for membership on the Board of Directors
  • Inclusion in a strong, collective voice on behalf of community-based training
  • Recognition of membership in a professional association that is respected provincially and nationally
  • Membership Counts! (Earn back membership fees by hosting ONESTEP training at your agency)

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